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About Us

True Carbon (TC) Inc. is specialized in high end carbon wheels with an objective to build lighter, stronger and safer wheels. Durability, high quality and craftsmanship are our key values. We possess set of high skilled craftsmen and Engineers with a solid history in building high speed industrial equipments. Our partners have more than 15 years of experience working for some of the leading companies in the world. When all our partners got together we observed that we had strong expertise and solid background to produce a new kind of Carbon Fiber (CF) Wheel which will be big hit in the market.
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Mission Statement

We are carbon wheel manufacturing experts and have exhaustive range of products to offer our customers quick delivery. Continuous replenishment of stock with integration of modern technology enables us to provide our esteem customers an uninterrupted supply of wheels. Our unwavering dedication in work helped us to win the confidence of diverse customers ranging from car owners to dealers in car tires and accessories. We always strive hard to keep our reputation as a trustworthy and dependable manufacturer by following strict quality control and testing standards. We always assure our customers that any purchase made from us is worthwhile. We care for our customers and guarantee 100% satisfaction for their hard earned money.

Why Invest in Us?

We have been highly successful in offering high end product at extremely affordable price, so that riders of any level of ability can experience the best ride of carbon wheel. We believe in transparency and that’s the reason why we make our customers aware of how we are building our products. We constantly get in touch with our customer to receive their feedback and execute necessary changes to our product in thoughtful way. We have been in constant touch with OEM’s, Military contractors, and auto racing teams and we believe that this valuable effort will help us in the formulation of best product in the market.
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